Sequencen (horizon) by: Michael Takeo Magruder - 08.2007
The Sequencen series of artworks are creative explorations utilising modern digital recording formats and ubiquitous mobile technologies within a technical and artistic framework informed by early cinema and motion picture devices. Within today’s culture of moving-image saturation, these works seek to extend the tradition of lens-based practice by augmenting the fundamental principles of the genre with real-time computational processes and outputs. In this scenario, compositional elements such as the still frame and linear soundclip are unbound from their finite states and give rise to unending moments and ephemeral narratives.
Sequencen (horizon) explores the permutations of a thousand sequential and isolated moments in time recompiled into an everchanging algorithmic montage.
A continuous two minute audio/video stream was recorded using a SVP M3100 smartphone. All cinematic effects were generated with the phone’s integrated processing functions during capture. One thousand still frames and eleven short audio sequences were extracted from the recorded stream and used as the exclusive source material for the artwork.
Atlantic Ocean [~12,000 m. AMSL] at 11:13GMT on 13/08/2007.
Internet browser with Flash 8+ plugin and stereo audio. 512+ kb/s connection recommended.
Without Whom:
Lisa Helin ( curation )
Funded by:
The Esmée Fairbairn Foundation [ ENTER ARTWORK ]