Continuum... by: Michael Takeo Magruder - 02.2007
Continuum... reflects upon the evolution of our collective history through the real-time analysis of global news information networks. As no event transpires in isolation, each moment of our existence is defined by the sum of an infinite number of interconnected occurrences.
Given that no individual can absorb and process the totality of this information, how do we form our sense of the present?
Source Material:
[image/text] Headline news articles from the live BBC internet news service sampled and recombined in real-time.
[audio] Manipulated sample from päike ja jää by Cloudspeak.
Internet browser with Flash 8+ plugin and stereo audio. 512+ kb/s connection recommended.
Without Whom:
Nanette Hoogslag (curation) . Hugh Denard ( discourse )
Commissioned by:
Oog online, De Volkskrant [ ENTER ARTWORK ]