v1.1 by: Michael Takeo Magruder with Drew Baker, 2006(v1.0) - 2009(v1.1)

A series of infinitely complex virtual sculptures generated from the single word 'world' translated into society's most common languages.

About the Artwork:

World[s] is a series of dynamic virtual sculptures generated exclusively from the word 'world' translated into the native script of society's most common languages.

Each word in its text format is imported into a two-dimensional 32x32 pixel Flash file. The embedded characters are then vectorized, re-proportioned into a square configuration, and multiplied at 90° intervals and their respective mirrored states. The result is a group of mandala-esque entities less than 1KB in size that can be infinitely expanded without pixilation. These visual elements are then rasterized as 64x64 pixel bitmaps which are subsequently translated into sonic analogues. The visual and audio equivalents are inherently paired and provide the basis for the next evolutionary stage of the artwork.

These pairings are then incorporated into a three-dimensional space defined by a set of Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) files. Within this virtual realm, a series of simple cubic structures oscillate at the terminal points of a central rotating star. Each structure is the summation of four possible rotational states (0°, 45°x, 45°y, 45°z) of a prototype cube that is texturized and auralized by a single pair.

When a viewer selects one of these basic elements, the entire realm is destroyed and a new complex formation is created within the void. The newly generated architecture is derived entirely from the single prototype cube that was selected by the viewer. This cube is multiplied and arranged into a perfect 3x3x3 lattice. The lattice is then quadruplicated in a manner identical to its basic precursory structure, and an exponentially more complex 'world' is formed.

Interacting with the furthest extremities or the innermost depths of the construct initiates a mechanism of self-destruction and an ensuing regeneration of the interface star. Though this process, a cyclic relationship between the work's evolutionary states is created.

Artwork Documentation:

In Collaboration with:

Drew Baker [ VRML programming ]

With Thanks to:

Hugh Denard [ discourse ]

Supported by:

World[s] v1.0 was commissioned in 2006 for with funding from Arts Council England and generous support from The Watershed Media Centre; King's Visualisation Lab, Centre for Computing in the Humanities, King's College London; and ParallelGraphics.

Artwork Requirements:

[ gallery ] High-specification Windows 7/8/10 computer system capable of real-time high definition 3D rendering (VRML and Flash); multi/single-channel high definition video system; 5.1/2.1 audio system; and HCI device for user interaction.

[ online ] Windows 7/8/10 computer system with Firefox or Internet Explorer; the Cortona3D Viewer and Adobe Flash plugins; and stereo audio. A high-specification CPU/GPU, colour display with ≥1024x768 resolution and high-speed Internet connection are recommended.

[ VIEW THE ARTWORK (Windows - Firefox/Internet Explorer) 14 MB ]

* The Cortona3D Viewer is not available for OS X and Linux. On these systems FreeWRL can be used to render most aspects of the work.
* In April 2015 Google deprecated support for NPAPI plug-ins (including Cortona3D Viewer). As such, VRML works can no longer be viewed using Chrome.

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