] ... [ world ] ... [ [99KB] noun 1. The earth. 2. The universe. 3. The earth with its inhabitants. 4. The inhabitants of the earth; the human race. 5. a. Humankind considered as social beings; human society. b. People as a whole; the public. 6. A specified part of the earth. 7. A part of the earth and its inhabitants as known at a given period in history. 8. A realm or domain. 9. a. A sphere of human activity or interest. b. A class or group of people with common characteristics or pursuits. 10. A particular way of life. 11. All that relates to or affects the life of a person. 12. Secular life and its concerns. 13. a. Human existence; life. b. A state of existence. 14. A large amount; much. 15. A celestial body such as a planet. adjective 1. Of or relating to the world. 2. Involving or extending throughout the entire world. - composed: 10.2003. - source materials: statistical research conducted by SIL International + various online translation dictionaries and font resources. - notes: The composition consists of the word ‘world’ translated into society’s most common languages in their native script. Each translation is then utilized as the exclusive material to construct an iconic form. - requirements: IE6 + Flash6.