(iso*) iii

v1.1 by: Michael Takeo Magruder, 2002(v1.0 PAL original) - 2021(v1.1 4K remaster)

A painterly digital video artwork and multi-format installation created from international newspaper scans.

About the Artwork:

(iso*) iii is part of a triptych that belongs to a series of digital video works (2000-2004) concerned with merging the notions of 'art' and 'media' into a single entity; blurring the distinctions between the two through the hybridisation and recombination of their constituent elements. The compositions are intended to be adaptable to numerous contexts and site-specific formats ranging from gallery installations and festival screenings to large urban video walls and immersive multi-channel projections.

These time-based artworks are exclusively created from digitised extracts of raw information captured from a variety of international news media sources. Each piece is generated from a small collection of media fragments that have been processed and layered via predetermined protocols into the final video sequences. The visual arrays are only semi-abstract as the information contained within the news sources is still partially discernible, thus positioning each work as both an aesthetic entity and a receptacle of knowledge.

Source Material:

· digital newspaper scan-collages of 4 different international languages

Artwork Documentation:

With Thanks to:

Peter James [ project support ]

Supported by:

(iso*) iii v1.0 was developed in 2002 with funding by West Midlands Arts, UK.

Artwork Requirements:

Modular digital video installation requiring display equipment capable of streaming a 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels) H.264 video loop at 60 frames per second.

8-Minute Video Excerpt [from 2:56:00 loop]:

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[ VIEW (ISO*) II  ]

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