v2.0 by: Michael Takeo Magruder, 2010

A series of works reflecting upon the aesthetic quality of language within today's multicultural and technologically-enabled society.

About the Artwork:

Communion v2.0 is a set of large-format digital prints that have been constructed from different language editions of the British Broadcasting Corporation's (BBC) online international news service. Each print represents one of the eight most widely spoken languages of the world, and has been generated exclusively from a sampled front-page of the corresponding BBC website.

The creation of the artwork is process-driven, with each captured web-page algorithmically manipulated through the same predefined sequence of instructions. The result is a set of images that are visually reminiscent of mandalas and Rorschach inkblots, and through such spiritual and psychological references, the work introduces notions of the transcendental and mechanisms for emotional response. The visual structures are only semi-abstract and even though the media itself provides the aesthetic essence of the work, the language – and information it contains – is still partially discernible.

Artwork Documentation:


[ Computational ] The front-pages of the Chinese, Spanish, English, Hindi, Arabic, Bengali, Portuguese and Russian language editions of the BBC's online news service were simultaneously captured on 20/06/2010. The resulting data was algorithmically recombined to create a series of eight uniform digital image files (3500 x 7000 pixel, 32bit colour Tiffs), one for each language.

[ Physical ] The digital images were output via an archive-quality digital print system using Epson UltraChrome pigment-based inks and Tecco 285gsm high-gloss art paper. The finished prints were then sealed and framed to create a set of eight identical wall-mounted units (70w x 140h cm. each).

With Thanks to:

Prof. Harold Short [ curation ] . Dr. Trudi Darby [ facilitation ]

Supported by:

Communion v1.0 was originally commissioned in 2005 by Arts Council England for the forty leaded-glass windows in the main gallery space of 20-21 Visual Arts Centre, North Lincolnshire, UK. Communion v2.0 is a commission for Digital Humanities 2010. It was made possible with generous support from the Centre for Computing in the Humanities, King's College London and King's Visualisation Lab.

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